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Helping someone struggling with their mental health can seem overwhelming, and you don't have to do it alone. We've put together these guides for you to help the folx in the different relationships you're in. 

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How Friends Can Help Friends

Friendships are as unique as the people in them and fill a need that no other relationship can.


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How Faculty Can Help Students

As an instructor or advisor, you have a unique role in your students’ academic and career paths and lives in general.

a large family cooking together

How Family Members Can Help One Another

Families are diverse, and each member has their own unique experience at any given time. 

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How You Can Help Yourself

Try some of these strategies yourself and reach out for support. You’re worth it. 

Suicide Prevention & Support Resources

We've collected lifelines, organizations, resources, guides, articles, online tools, and more so it's easier to help.

Suicide Prevention & Support Resources