There Is Hope

We all want to prevent suicide.
Let's do it together.


Suicide Prevention Matters

Everyone can be part of suicide prevention. Learning the correct terminology for talking about suicide, dispelling myths around suicide, familiarizing yourself with suicide prevention resources, or asking someone you’re concerned about if they’re thinking about suicide are all a part of suicide prevention. If each of us could do one thing, think of the impact that could have.  

This site offers tangible steps that anyone can take, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.

Understanding Suicide

Understanding is the first step. 

Warning Signs

Know what to look for.

1 in 2 US adults know someone who has had suicidal thoughts or behaviors.  

How To Talk About Suicide

Talking about suicide thoughtfully matters. 

How To Help Hub

You can make an impact.

95% of US adults would do something if someone close to them was thinking about suicide 

Suicide Prevention & Support Resources

 Support is always available. 

93% of US adults think suicide can be prevented. 

Campus Health is dedicated to suicide prevention.